dr. feinman certified vet homeopathWho is Dr. Feinman?

I am a veterinarian who cares deeply about my patients and thinks about how to help them 24/7. I love helping all animals and have wanted to be a vet since 5th grade (in Mr. Callahan’s science class). I believe that our beloved companion animals deserve the best that we can give them. My life and holistic veterinary practice are dedicated to this goal, which is enabled by harnessing the wisdom of nature and our innate healing ability. I believe that understanding and working with the body allows all species to live long lives, with the best quality of life possible. Read more

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Why choose vet homeopathy?

Because it works! When scientific medicine meets natural healing your pets will benefit from the best of both worlds. Gentle and nontoxic homeopathic care is FDA approved. It is the treatment of choice for those who can have the best, including Sir William Osler (the father of modern medicine), the British royal family, US presidents, Charles Darwin, Beethoven, Paul McCartney, Suzanne Somers, etc, etc. Become empowered to help your pets when they are sick, as well as to maintain their health. Homeopathy is especially well-suited for hypersensitive (“allergic”) patients and those that have unwanted side effects from drugs and herbs.

The homeopathic model of "dis-ease" is based on internal homeostasis (balance). It allows proper treatment without doing harm before a diagnosis because of the early warning signs of imbalance. Homeopathy is strictly individualized (when used properly). Treatment is tailored to your pet and not based on generic disease names or “syndromes.” In my experience, homeopathic care is the most powerful, scientific way to prevent and treat dis-ease.


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