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Ear-ly Puppy Problems

Beau was an extremely itchy Golden.

His itching started with a double ear “infection” that his vet noticed (Beau seemed fine) during a routine puppy examination. Medicated ear drops quickly resolved the ear problem. Temporarily.

In a few months, Beau’s ear problem recurred with a vengeance. This time, his ears were really bothering him. They were red, hot, smelly and needed to be cleaned every day.

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The typical “goopy” ear.

A stronger medication was prescribed. One week later, Beau’s ears looked great! Both he and his guardian were very happy. There was just one, seemingly unrelated, problem though. Beau had developed hot spots and itch skin (but his ears still looked great!).

How Ear Problems and Itching Are Related

Beau continued to have skin problems over the years. He was treated with antibiotics, steroids and antihistamines. Beau was miserable. His itching kept worsening and continued all day and night.

Eventually he didn’t respond to these treatments so stronger immune suppressive drugs were tried. These seemed to do the trick. As long as he stayed on the drugs.

During this time his ears “only” flared up once or twice a year but remained pretty normal overall.

That year Beau’s mom consulted a holistic vet to try and get him off the drugs. This vet explained that the underlying problem that originally manifest as ear problems when Beau was very young, had never been addressed. Only the secondary symptoms of ear and skin problems had been treated.

The holistically-oriented vet started a course of fatty acids, vitamins, enzymes, herbs and acupuncture that seemed to help quIet Beau’s relentless itch. The drugs were decreased. Everything was looking good. Just one problem.

Despite these more natural treatments, Beau was still unable to stop the drugs altogether. After another year of treatment, his guardian really began to question whether the underlying problem was being addressed. The holistic vet said that was the goal of his treatment from the start. Right?

A Fourth Opinion

When Beau was seven, his guardian visited a veterinary homeopath. He had itched off big patches of hair. Her local veterinarians and a dermatology specialist had said that Beau’s ear and skin problems were due to allergies. Allergies were

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Beau was itchy all over and had scratched out and lost big patches of hair.

incurable in their experiences.

Despite these opinions, the holistic vet had said that treating the underlying problem would resolve the allergic manifestations and let Beau stop taking drugs.

The vet homeopath concurred with the general holistic vet. His plan was to use the symptom manifestations to determine the underlying diseased constitutional state. This sounded a bit weird to Beau’s mom, but after seven years, she was willing to try anything.

A two hour consultation helped the vet homeopath individualize Beau’s symptoms and choose a homeopathic medicine. Beau’s guardian was eager to get home to start the new treatment.

What Went Wrong With Beau’s Homeopathic Treatment

By day 5 of treatment, it was clear that Beau felt better. His itch had only subsided a bit, but he was more energetic, playful, less picky, and just seemed generally happier (at ease). Beau’s mom was ecstatic! Something finally seemed to be helping her companion heal from the inside out.

Two weeks later, Beau’s itch had subsided further and he was still feeling better. The next week however, was not as good. The long time itchy pup was itching more again. All else seemed fine, but his itch continued to worsen.

Beau’s guardian made an emergency call and sent an email to the vet homeopath. He advised a dose adjustment prior to the next scheduled followup appointment.

Beau’s mom was not happy. Beaus itching kept worsening. It was as bad as prior to treatment The increased dose did not seem to help at all.

It was now almost two months after Beau’s initial homeopathy consultation. During his recheck appointment, Beau’s mom expressed her frustration to the vet homeopath. She said that she would only continue treatment for a few more weeks if the itch did not improve markedly.

One month later Beau’s mom ended homeopathic treatment and put him back on the full doses of anti-itch immune suppressive drugs.

The 1 Best Way To Help Your Pet

Dr. Jeff Feinman is a certified vet homeopath who will help you work through any problem that your pet might encounter. Holistically and naturally.

Keep your pets happy and healthy holistically by never ending homeopathic treatment while their body’s are still able to heal.

Unfortunately, nowadays many companion animals are sick. Often very sick for years. Without long-term relief. The vet homeopath is often the last resort. This should not be the case. It wouldn’t be, If all pet owners were as well informed as those of you reading this article.

BY FAR what’s the best way to help? Don’t give up. Patience, perseverance and continued treatment are critical for allowing your pets’s body to heal during homeopathic treatment.

In general, expect to continue treatment for about 50% of the time that your pet is sick. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

If eliminating disease symptoms while resolving the problem was as quick and easy as Beau’s mom expected (3 month resolution of a 7 year problem), most vets and MDs would be practicing homeopathy.

Don’t give up. One of the many beauties of homeopathy is that it will help the body rid itself of almost every problem.

The body is almost always able to heal. Learn more about how it works. Most vet homeopaths are also educators. The better informed you become, the easier it becomes to perservere.

Don’t give up.

Dr. Jeff

  1. Well illustrated and beautifully said! I wish more of my dog friends “got it!”

  2. Thanks Taffy.

    Spreading the word to more pet owners is exactly why I am writing these.

    I appreciate your reading it and commenting.

    Dr. Jeff

  3. Hi Dr. Jeff,
    We put our youngest Standard Poodle, Sami, who we rescued on Immunocal for the first year of his life. Sami was a huge mess and on a scale of 1 to 10, his Doctor gave him a 2 and told me not to expect Sami to get better. He was allergic to everything and had parasites…and the list went on and on. Immunotec is a whey protein product. The company is in Canada and it works! It’s also in the physicians red handbook. I am a distributor for it and I give them a teaspoon in their food every day.
    Recently, I joined FGXPress, a company based in Utah. They have products that are based from Marin Phytoplankton. They have transdermal powerstrips that work on multi-levels of healing – This is a Class 1 Medical & Over the Counter Device. The Solar Strips are all Marine Phytoplankton. I have been researching this to see if it is a product that a dog can take.
    Any thoughts on the subject is appreciated.
    To view the products:
    visit my website at:
    The Doctors/Medical Website is: FGXPRESS PROFESSIONAL PROGRAM (
    I’m looking forward to hearing back from you.
    Lena Silk

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