1 Easy Tip to Help Prevent Cancer in Your Pet

The C Word

Cancer. The word alone scares most of us. Thoughts of life out of control. Dwindling length and quality of life. Chemotherapy, radiation, radical surgery.

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Are we asleep at the wheel?

We do everything in our power to avoid cancer. To help their animal companions an increasing number of pet owners are feeding species-appropriate natural diets and minimizing vaccinations and dugs. Despite our attempts, cancer and other life-threatening diseases are becoming more and more common. Chronic dis-eases are reaching epidemic proportions. Even in young pets. Our beloved friends are now being considered “seniors” during the prime of their life. Can anything else be done? Is the development of the internal dis-array that allows cancerous cells to proliferate unavoidable?

Many vet homeopaths feel that getting serious illnesses like cancer should not be a fact of life.

This is certainly a nice sentiment, but is it reality?  Data and clinical results are what really matter. Not theories or grand ideas. Diesel’s case provides a great example.

Diesel’s Story

Diesel is a sweet and happy go lucky 4 year young Boerbel. I had the privilege of meeting him as a teenager in 2011. His guardian consulted with me primarily for health maintenance. He also had a few of the common but abnormal early warning signs of disease.

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Diesel as happy and healthy boy!

Homeopathic treatments were used over the next two years for various problems. His behavior, gastrointestinal problems and other issues were resolved. By the end of 2012 Diesel was doing very well overall except for one thing. He had started getting irritations and eruptions between his toes. These interdigtal cysts usually did not bother him. Occasionally however they were painful and caused lameness.  At this time Diesel was being treated with a homeopathic medicine for bloat-like symptoms. This problem had improved but then the skin cysts started to develop. A few months later, Diesel’s mom became unable to continue homeopathic treatment. This was also the beginning of his adventure into the conventional veterinary world. Diesel spent over 1/3 of the next 18 months off and on anti-biotics. Fortunately, his vital force had remained strong throughout most of this time. He had been able to fight the drug effects and had not gotten sick from the multiple rounds of anti-biotics. Despite them, his internal imbalance continued to manifest externally as interdigital cysts. Diesel’s internal strength ended this summer when an invasive tumor developed in his mouth. His guardian then sought internal homeopathic treatment. She understood what might be happening with Diesel’s overall level of health since stopping it in 2012. He has been scheduled for a biopsy of the possibly cancerous tumor. His local vet had referred him to a surgical specialist. The mass is due to be biopsied and possibly removed next week. We all hope and pray that it’s not malignant. This is a sadly common scenario.

How Serious is Your Pet’s Imbalance?

It is better to have a skin or other external problem than an internal and potentially life-threatening one. Homeopathy teaches us that the stronger and longer the natural tendencies of the body are opposed with “antis” the greater the chances for cancer development.

 Vet homeopaths are trained to connect the dots and look at the bigger health picture and help stop artificial symptom manipulation.

Fresh food feeding and minimizing vaccination and drugs are very important and helpful. However, Diesel’s story is one of the many that show us that these lifestyle improvements alone are often not enough.

My advice is to work with the natural healing ability of the body and don’t cover up symptoms. Learn how by consulting a trained vet homeopath and joining my holistic pet care community. Be well. Dr. Jeff

  1. First – prayers to Diesel & his family……. Next – thank God for His healing modality of homeopathy!! I have been using it for 20 years & have seen miracles in my dogs!

  2. Dr Jeff how do I find a Holistic Vet in my area, I live in Aiken, South Carolina ?

    • Hi Rita-

      To find a vet homeopath go to: theavh.org

      Don’t worry if you can’t find anyone locally. Many of us will consult with you and/or your vet remotely by phone and/or video conferencing.

      Dr. Jeff

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