4 Easy Tips to Avoid Visits to the Animal Emergency Room

24 hour emergency practices and hospital ERs are important but none of us ever wants to need them. When your pets (or us) gets injured or suffers some other life-threatening problem, it’s great that someone is always available.

The little known fact is that the majority of ER visits are avoidable.

I ended up in the ER last night. The visit should have been unnecessary. I mindlessly ran after a ball in tennis and fell and received multiple wounds. “Accidents” like this can be avoided. Better sneakers, being aware of my limitations and not running on a wet court would have easily prevented the ambulance trip.

Dr. Jeff Feinman certified vet homeopath er visit

Dr. Jeff’s multiple injuries required an ER visit

Instead, my evening was exciting (and needlessly painful). I feel like a dope who is now paying the piper but your pet doesn’t have to similarly suffer.

Following are some simple guidelines that could help.

1-Be mindful when it comes to your pet’s healthcare.

For example, avoid lacerations by preventing running or swimming on a beach with known broken pieces of glass or sharp shell fragments.
Limit outside  play on hot and humid days. Bring icy water when you are out on walks on hot days. Never close your pet in a car if the air conditioner isn’t running if the temperature is above 70F.

Sounds simple, but I’ve seen pet emergencies secondary to these problems more than once.

      2-Monitor your animal companion’s health holistically.

If your cat’s chronic diarrhea has recently been controlled, you probably should avoid anti-biotics for minor scrapes, respiratory symptoms,etc.

3-Proactive preventative care is critical to avoid ER visits.

Feed a fresh-food diet, don’t suppress symptoms (“signs”) and avoid unnecessary vaccinations when possible.

There is little evidence that many medicines and even antibiotcs are indicated in many conditions.

Drugs are often unnecessary and can sometimes do more harm than good.

“The truth about drugs’ effectiveness wouldn’t be as worrisome if consumers and doctors had an accurate picture of the state of knowledge and could make rational decisions about treatments.”

4-Find a vet that shares your preventative philosophy. S/he will help preserve health not just treat problems when they arise (and they will if you don’t follow 1-3).

Certified veterinary homeopaths are trained after vet school to understand and manage your pet’s health holistically. You can find one here.

Despite your best efforts though, sometimes a trip to the ER is unavoidable. These excursions can be very expensive. I therefore advise my clients to carry a pet insurance policy.

Embrace pet insurance is my favored company at this time. They have policies for both injuries and wellness (including homeopathy). They also offer a free two month trial which is available from your vet.

I plan soon to talk a bit about how to be a great advocate for your pet whenever you go to the vet and especially the ER.

I’d love to hear about your animal ER experiences. Share them below, or contact me directly via my forum, Facebook, etc

Let’s help keep your pets healthy together.

holistic pet care helps all pets Dr. Jeff Feinman

Logan is holistically happy and healthy

Dr. Jeff

  1. Feel better soon!!!! So sorry to hear this!xxxxx

  2. Wow! Feel better

  3. First & foremost, so sorry to hear of your accident but thankful that the injuries weren’t even more severe! Take care of yourself, Dr. Jeff ~ WE LOVE & NEED YA! 🙂
    As regards my dog’s experiences in the ER ~ well, his first one came a few years back when he suffered a horrible reaction to a rabies vax. He was bleeding from both ends & so very sick. Of course, this all happened on a Friday night so on your instructions, off to the ER he went for diagnostics. The ER doctors sent us home with a load of allopathic medicine, which I threw away after I consulted you & you prescribed a homeopathic remedy. Within 24 hours, my dog was just about back to normal, without the necessity for any other medication. His next visit to the ER came just a couple months ago after he slipped on the tile, hit his head on the wall unit & had a seizure. Oh wow, were we scared! We had him to the ER in minutes, where we called you & left a message while he was checked out by the ER docs. This time, all that was necessary was to keep him under observation for 24 hours. I will say that it took him a week or so to get completely back to normal, & shortly after the accident he developed his first & only hot spot. Once again this was managed by a combo of topical aloe & cayenne pepper, plus a homeopathic remedy. I am SO THANKFUL that we have you on our team, Dr. Jeff, so that our dog’s health can be maintained without the routine use of toxic chemicals & medications that can produce serious side effects. Next month he will be six years old & I’m looking forward to at least another decade of his love & companionship.

  4. Oh no! Your left hand! Thank goodness for keyboards and the art of hunt-and-peck typing. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  5. Thans Melisse, Patti and Judy. I appreciate your well wishes.

    Now let’s avoid any ER visits for Winka, Keegan, Peyton and Rou (Patti, do you have a pet insurance policy?).

    Dr. Jeff

  6. We have used the emergency vet twice. Both times, I simply asked for a diagnosis and then went to my own vet in the morning. Fortunately, they were respectful of my wishes.

    Heal quickly!

  7. Ouch! Sorry to hear about your ER adventure and I’m sure a dose of Symphytum will amaze and astonish the conventionals with your “miraculous” recovery!
    We are thankful to be near good ER’s for both our creatures and us and/but one thing we’ve noticed: an ER visit gets us lots of great diagnostics, perhaps more than we wanted to know! For example diagnosis and treatment of a broken bone may lead to discovery of slightly abnormal lab results related to some other part of the body…since we then know that, there is a recommendation to follow up on it. We take these recommendations back to our regular vet/doc to decide if we want to proceed with follow-up…or not. And this is why I think it’s important to have a solid relationship with a vet/doc who knows the patient and can help. Thanks for all you do, Dr.Jeff!

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