4 Holistic Halloween Safety Tips

Know Your Enemy And Prevent Problems

Our animal companions are like our children. It is our responsibility to keep them safe.

Dr. Jeff Feinman is a certified vet homeopath who will help keep your pets safe during the holiday season.

Better to be safe than sorry.

We all face many potential hazards in this world. Being aware of them and mindful can prevent many calamities. One of the “scariest” and potentially hazardous is here in just a few days.

Thinking like your pets is the first step in holistically helping them on Halloween and other potentially dangerous times. These simple steps can help prevent an ER trip on Halloween.

Stranger Danger

Lets first try to think like a dog. One of their main roles in our life and in their human pack is the same as ours. To keep us safe. What is their greatest perceived threat? Intruders and predators.

Dr. Jeff Feinman in Weston CT is a certified veterinary homeopath who will help prevent problems with your pets.

“I have to keep my family safe whenever I hear a suspicious sound or see an intruder.”

Some dogs bark wildly and aggressively anytime they see or hear a movement or sound outside. You may call them reactive dogs. They are really just doing their jobs.

Similarly, cats have evolved to be in close touch with changes in their environment. The sights and sounds of new people can be very stressful for some cats. Many dis-ease states can even be activated just by one or two new people in the house.

Trick or treating is a big part of the fun of Halloween. Lots and lots of people’s walking by the house and coming to the door. This alone can be a huge problem for some pets. Emotionally balanced pets are usually fine but unfortunately nowadays many of them are anxious and neurotic.

Reduce Exposure

In many situations the best treatment is prevention by avoidance. Keep your reactive dog away from windows and exits. Many can be additionally distracted by playing a soothing music or keeping the television turned on.

Cats should also be separated from any tumult. Often a small bathroom works wonderfully. Soothing pheromones can be purchased and sprayed in the air or use a diffuser.

A drop or two of the The Young Living Oil Peace and Calming on a blanket (never directly applied to them)  is also quite helpful.

There are many tips for soothing your anxious cats dogs. I wrote about some of them here.

Food For Thought

The other major preventable danger on Halloween for our pets are the spoils of trick or treating. Fortunately most of us are already very cautious about some of these.

Many dogs will happily wolf down any bit of candy that they can find. This can be easily avoided by not leaving treats, even if wrapped, lying around. Most cats are less likely to scarf up stray “treats” but it’s not worth the risk.

Certified vet homeopath Dr. Jeff Feinman treats pets holistically to keep them safe on Halloween and other days.

Keeping your pups safe during Halloween may mean staying in their crate and away from the goodies.

Chocolate-containing candies and raisins are the most obvious hazards to be avoided. The more chocolate in the confection, the greater the toxicity. Dark chocolate is worse than milk chocolate.

Unlike chocolate, raisins are not intrinsically toxic. Some pets can eat grapes and raisins without any ill effect. However, due to an unpredictable toxic reaction, even one raisin can cause kidney failure, so avoid them all.

Unlike chocolate and raisins, one of he greatest Halloween food danger can not be seen.

Xylitol is an artificial sweetener used in many confections, cakes, etc. that can be very toxic to our pets. Even eating one stick of xylitol-containing chewing gum can be enough reason to visit your local ER in smaller pets.

Anytime that you are unsure of the toxic potential of an inadvertently ingested food item immediately call your local vet or the 24/7 pet poison control hotline.

Other Dangers

Halloween is a great time for interesting little trinkets to be sitting around that can be ingested. Depending on the shape and size, these can cause obstruction leading to exploratory surgery. Obstructions are more commonly seen in dogs than cats. However, paper, foil, ribbons, rubber bands, etc., can also be attractive to cats and can cause serious obstruction.

Vomiting and lack of appetite are the biggest warning signs of obstruction.

Be especially cautious if your pet has a pre-existing medical condition. Asthmatic pets, those with food allergies, diabetes, and even obesity require special care. Most sweets contain loads of sugar and should not be eaten by diabetics or overweight pets.

Candles and incense can be used to promote a scarier environment on Halloween. Use caution though as their smoke can trigger serious breathing problems.

It’s very easy to keep our pets safe this Halloween. Mindfully prepare for this and all of the upcoming holidays. If you have any specific questions please don’t hesitate to ask me below, on my forum, or as a new client.

Be well.

Dr. Jeff

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