About Dr. Jeff Feinman, certified vet homeopath

Who I am

I am a veterinarian who cares deeply about my patients and thinks about how to help them 24/7. I love helping all animals and have wanted to be a vet since 5th grade (thanks to Mr. Callahan’s science class).

The best for your pets

I believe that our beloved companion animals deserve the best that we can give them. My life and holistic veterinary practice are dedicated to this goal. It is made possible by harnessing the wisdom of nature and our innate healing ability. I believe that understanding and working with the body allows all species to live long lives, with the best quality of life possible. It is extremely important for me to know everything that is happening in my patients’ bodies, inside and out. I spend whatever time is needed when I consult with my clients. I therefore can only work with a limited number of pet owners.

Empowering pet owners like you

Educating and empowering pet owners is my second passion. I am frequently online and available by email, chat and social media. I try to help as many pets as I can by answering both client and general pet owner questions. My online holistic pet care community at www.homevet.com has been growing since 1996.

30 years of experience

In 2015 I enter my 30th year of veterinary practice. My veterinary career started in research and academia (internal medicine and endocrinology). This modern scientific background helps me better understand and treat my patients, and help keep them well. I hope that what I have to say is helpful.

I’d love nothing more than to help you build a strong vet care team-email or review my new patient information for more details.

What I like

Dr Jeff Feinman gardeningIn addition to my passions for helping pets and educating their guardians, I embrace nature in many ways. If the weather up here in beautiful Connecticut permits, I am outside gardening (often covered in dirt!). I love hiking, bird watching, the beach and even just standing outside in the fresh air (sunshine is a bonus).

I play tennis mainly to get outside and run around a little. I even occasionally get the ball over the net. My favorite time of the day is just before dawn. My daily sadhana (yoga practice) never feels long enough and I am never able to empty my mind as I’d like during the meditation practice that follows.

My day is then filled to overflowing with treating patients, studying homeopathy and keeping up with conventional medicine. As a molecular biologist I am particularly fascinated by the growing science of epigenetics. This modifying of genetic expression is exactly what we do when treating with homeopathy and modifying lifestyle.

Why I became a homeopath

Because it works!

Needless to say, I was pretty upset when I finally realized this after my own clinical research. An extraordinarily effective and safe form of medicine that I was not even exposed to during my education? WHAT!? How could that be??

As a scientist I was taught to keep an open mind. We don’t know everything about nature yet. I disbelievingly read about the phenomenal successes of MD homeopaths at the turn of the twentieth century. Even fatal epidemic diseases like the Black Plague and cholera were cured. This was even before the development of antibiotics.

I decided to try it for myself. I used my new knowledge of the totality of the individual to choose a homeopathic medicine based on the symptoms of my first patient. Me. The result was that my own severe lifelong allergies stopped. Huh? How could that be?? I had been living on antihistamines during the allergy season until that point.

That was 1999. I no longer need to use anti-allergy drugs of any kind.

I then began treating my own pets. After resolution of a severe brain infection in one of my dogs—when an abscess suddenly formed and drained on his head—I realized that this was a medical therapy that my patients needed. I enrolled in Dr. Pitcairn’s Professional Course in veterinary homeopathy that year. I have been studying the science and art of homeopathy ever since.

Homeopathic treatment is the ultimate holistic medical tool. Problematic signs and symptoms resolve without the need for continued treatment and every successfully treated patient benefits from an improved level of overall health. This is what my patients deserve.


I hold degrees in both molecular biology and veterinary medicine from the University of Pennsylvania. In 1985, I became the first veterinary dual-degree recipient in the prestigious University Scholar program. After graduation I had intensive training at Angell Memorial Animal Hospital in Boston, MA and as an ER vet in Norwalk CT (where I got to “recover” from my internship!). Since 1987, I have been working out of my home in beautiful Weston, CT. My wonderful wife (and practice manager) Amy, the glamorous Vanya, a rescued Standard Poodle, and a pair of adorable Rex cats named Tigger and Chi share my home and life.

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