Are Annual Vet Visits Dead?

Not So Routine

“I’m not dead yet”. So says the Monty Python and the (quest for) the Holy Grail cast member. But is the annual vet visit dead-or just forgotten?

On our quest for a long, happy life, wellness is the goal. The “routine” wellness checkup should play an integral role in keeping our beloved companion animals healthy. Right?

Practice preventive vet care with certified vet homeopath Dr. Jeff Feinman in Fairfield County CT.

Bernie’s worried that might stop getting the best preventive care.

Why then are many pet parents no longer getting annual checkups for their companions?

Vaccination may cause many problem but in this situation, it’s their absence that is problematic. The practice by vets of not vaccinating annually but ignoring wellness visits is partially to blame. We (vets) need to help curb this disturbing trend.

We’ve Grown Accustomed…

Animal guardians have grown accustomed to seeing the vet for two reasons. First is if there is a problem. The second and most common is in response to the vet’s annual visit vaccine reminder.

Truth be told, neither is a very good reason. Much better is to practice great preventative care and keep our pets from having frequent problems or needing annual vaccinations.

Wellness reminders are extremely important but often overlooked. Problems can be identified in the early stages and lives can be saved.

Danger Ahead?

“Tell me more” you say. Its simple (though not always so easy). The first step is recognizing the early warning signs of dis-ease. The second step is working with a trained vet homeopath who knows how to treat them.

Your vet homeopath can use subtle pre-disease clues to “fine-tune” your buddy’s body when needed. This re-balancing process makes frequent wellness checks invaluable. These visits can save a lot of money in the future.

By fine-tune I mean closely examine both the bigger picture of your companion’s overall health and interpret the early warning signs. Then treat accordingly using homeopathic medicines.

Optimal prevention translates to a vet (homeopath) visit at least every 6 months for early dis-ease detection and treatment.

How You Can Help

Dr. Jeff Feinman is a certified vet homeopath who can help your pet get healthier.

Tabella is ready to get moving towards health.

The best news is that you can also help your pet between visits. Learn some of these early warning signs of energetic imbalance yourself. Subtle changes in common symptoms. Common but not normal.

Problems like chronic loose stools, dry or itchy skin, eye and ear discharges, etc. The list is long.

No need to grin and bear the fact that your pup eats stools (even sometimes when it’s “hot out of the oven”)’ scoots on his butt or that your kitty poops and pees out of the litter box or spits up hair balls.

So say good riddance to those annual vaccine reminder cards. Once you learn to differentiate these minor common from normal signs you will be looking forward to your periodic vet checkups.

I’d love to know why you go to the vet so please comment below.

Keep your companions well. They will thank you.

Dr. Jeff

  1. I go only for hands-on procedures. I have recently found the vet of my dreams, who respects me, my animals, and above all my knowledge and decisions about their health. I make it clear that Dr. Jeff is party to everything I wish to have done, and that I consult with him on anything suggested. I used to get an upset stomach when going to a vet’s office, always geared up for an ideological fight – or worse, being forced or misled about what would be done. So, even now, I feel nervous – but no need any longer! I have recently used them for lab work, xrays, and a small surgical procedure to remove an anomalous growth. My guys’ health is entirely in my hands, and it will stay that way.

    • Ginny is building a strong vet care team. Her vets respect her homeopathic and natural feeding inclinations and help her in every way they ca.

      Keep up the good (tho sometimes hard) work Ginny.

      Dr. Jeff

  2. Ditto what Ginny Wilken said. And I know Dr.Jeff is a true “healer” because just talking with him makes me and my pack feel better 🙂

  3. Thanks Kathy. I appreciate that!

    Dr. Jeff

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