Are Garlic and Onions Poisonous to Dogs and Cats?

Potential toxins are all around. But what about foods that are usually considered to be healthful?

But are nutritious foods like onions and garlic really poisonous?

It is a fact that allium species (garlic, onions and leeks) contain a compound that can cause destruction of red cells.

However, poisoning  depends on two factors.

Vanya ate a bite of onion (and liked it). Oh no!?

Vanya ate a bite of onion (and liked it). Oh no!?

First is the dose.

One dog developed life-threatening immune-mediated anemia twice just from eating a slice of pizza with added garlic powder. Some cats can have a reaction to small amounts of baby food flavored with garlic.

Another can safely eat, for years, large quantities of garlic to effectively ward off fleas.

Just ask the folks who make Bug Off Garlic.

Why the difference?

The shocking second factor:

Different individuals react differently to different stimuli.


Personalized medicine and how everyone reacts differently to drugs is a hot topic in modern medicine.

Modern medicine is just now beginning to tailor our drugs for the individual.

Individual sensitivity can be difficult to understand.

Homeopaths have individualized our treatments for hundreds of years.

Every homeopathic medicine we prescribe is individualized.

All docs should do this. Some try.

Unfortunately the dominant medical model frowns on this. It takes too much time and thought.


Ask your vet about your companion pets’ individual susceptibility and potential problems with every drug s/he wants to prescribe.

“I’m safe if I stick with commercial “scientifically formulated” pet food, right?”


Contaminated dog foods have killed and sickened thousands of animals.

Learn more about food toxicity and how to treat and prevent it.

Join our educational holistic pet care community.

Live healthfully and have a great day.

Dr. Jeff

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