Cancer in Young Cats (is NOT OK)

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“We want long and healthy lives and you can help.”

How could this be? I should never have been talking about palliative end of life cancer care with this guardian. Her kitty was still a baby.

Yet here she was. Two weeks after a CT scan and surgery. Amputation had been advised as the only way to potentially save his young life. The guardians wanted to avoid amputation if possible.

This should not have happened. Did this sweet youngster deserve any of this? NO!! Can this horrible situation be avoided? Possibly?

About twenty-five years ago aggressive malignant tumors were found to occasionally result from vaccination. Vets learned quickly to never give vaccinations in the scruff of the neck as we had been taught. They were often impossible to fully remove from this location.

More and more vaccines were found to cause these malignant tumors. It seemed that any vaccination could be the culprit. Then injections of any kind were incriminated. Avoiding a trigger for cancer was getting harder ad harder.

Even when animal caretakers try to do everything right.

The Sad Story

My consultation yesterday was with an adorable and sweet Maine Coon kitty. He was trustingly gazing at me from his carrier (I would have gotten some adorable pics if it weren’t for last weekend’s injuries).

Examination showed a huge tumor infiltrating all of the muscles of the leg. He was underweight but otherwise perfect.

Dr. Jeff Feinman's newest patient with a tumor from vaccination

the trusting patient

This winsome but unlucky cat had been adopted barely 1 month prior. His early history was unknown but he was loving and well-adjusted. He had undoubtedly been someone’s beloved pet. The huge growth was discovered once he was home and was seen limping.

The newly adopted cat was promptly seen by the local vet who advised amputation. He was then seen by a surgical specialist who was initially optimistic. Diagnostic imaging (“cat” scan) and surgery soon followed.

Unfortunately, the surgeon could only remove part of the huge tumor that enveloped the leg muscles.

Thousands of dollars later, amputation was again strongly advised.

A “routine” kitten vaccination was likely the culprit of his cancer.

This should never happen.

A homeopathically-selected medicine and lifestyle adjustments were made. We will help this kitty have as long and happy a life as possible.

In future posts I’ll discuss strategies to try and prevent horrible situations like this. You can also get some tips by jumping over to

Dr. Jeff

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  1. That just makes me sick! The only bright side is offering the best quality of life possible through homeopathy and that the adoptive family will learn from this sad experience.

  2. Sick-making indeed!! Infuriating (to me) and very, very sad.

    I was just talking about this patient with Amy this am. I was trying to remember the last time I actually saw a life-threatening feline disease (against which we routinely vaccinate). 1986!

    Another sad piece of this puzzle is that the family had already had another kitty with a vaccine tumor-associated (induced?).

    I hope to be able to write about this young kitty’s journey for years to come…

    Dr. Jeff

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