Why Your Cat’s Eyes Run And 4 Ways To Help

The Crying Kitty

Samantha’s mom is very upset. Her beloved kitty has been discharging from both eyes. It looks like Sam is crying. She knows that cat’s don’t cry (as far as humans know).

Sam is frequently trying to clean her face with her paws but is acting normally in all other ways. Her mom tries to help her out a few times a day but Samantha really hates having her eyes wiped.

When I examined Sam, it did indeed look like she was crying. The rest of her eye and other parts of her body were normal. What could we do to help Samantha?

Certified vet homeopath Dr. Jeff Feinman holistically helps pets heal.

“My eyes aren’t watering any more thanks to homeopathy!”

Causes For Runny Eyes

Before choosing a treatment for any animal with watering eyes or other eye discharge, it’s important to look for a cause. Runny eyes is a very common but abnormal symptom. The possibilities include:

1- Physical eye irritants.

2- Allergic eye dis-eases

3- Upper respiratory “infections” associated with viruses and other organisms

Dr. Jeff Feinman is a certified vet homeopath in Connecticut who can help you resolve your pet's eye problems.

Tigger’s eye discharge and squinting is from a conjunctivitis and ulcer resolved with homeopathy and supportive care.

4- Blockage of the naso-lacrimal system that drain the eyes

Could The Environment Be To Blame?

If this is a new or acute problem, Could there have been a trauma or is there something different in the environment? Traumatic wounds like scratches from other animals are more common in outdoor cats.

The next step in resolving runny eyes is to investigate a few basic household factors.

Both indoor  and outdoor cats can develop watering due to toxins and irritants in the air. Low level toxic gasses from cleaning products and other common household items can causes eye irritation. Perhaps you have a new counter cleaner, rug, furniture or paint. Are you using a new kitty litter? Is your litter dust and scent free?

Removal of the source and supportive care are often sufficient for full recover in acute cases.

Some households still contain smokers. Aside from being very harmful to us, second-hand smoke can cause some serious eye irritation. Your kitty will be healthier if she is not exposed to smoke fumes.

Treatment For Cats With Runny Eyes

1- Visual inspection to insure that nothing is in the watery eye. Eyes that water secondary to trauma are usually red as well.

Large particles are sometimes visible. Tiny irritants that you can not see are more common. Either way, flushing your cat’s eyes with a sterile saline solution and hyaluronic acid-containing lubricating eye drops will resolve some runny eye problems.

If eye discharge, squinting or any other evidence of eye pain continue, it’s possible that your kitty has a scratched eye. See your vet who may need to apply a diagnostic stain in your cat’s runny eye. Plant material, shampoos, and other physical irritants could have been the culprit.

2-Allergies of all sorts are best treated homeopathically in my experience. Homeopathic treatment of the underlying internal imbalance is very rewarding in these cases and can permanently resolve these problems. Especially runny allergic eye problems.

Certified vet homeopath Dr. Jeff Feinman will holistically help your pets to be happy.

Here is a happy homeopathically-treated 20 year young Sassy.

Helpful support during homeopathic treatment includes lubricating eye drops and soothing warm compresses.

3-Chronic upper respiratory viruses are the most common cause for infectious kitty eye problems. Some cats are even born with these infections and they come and go throughout life. Great fresh food nutrition, homeopathy and some supplements are indispensable.

Many immune boosting herbs and supplements such as lysine and others in Liquid Immuno and dimethylglycine are very useful.

4-Physical blockage and scarring of the eye drainage system is a common result of chronic respiratory problems. Homeopathic and nutritional treatment can help. An eye specialist can occasionally open the tear ducts to restore normal eye drainage.

Veterinary eye specialists can also help you reach a definitive diagnosis. Even once diagnosed, kitty runny eye problems can be chronic and difficult to treat. Most can be helped and sometimes fully resolved.

Stop your cat’s eyes from running. Use holistic and homeopathic care when possible. Support the natural healing of the body to best help your cat.

Be well.

Dr. Jeff

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  1. Hello Dr Feinmann,
    My poor kitty’s eyes and her itty bitty nose runs al the time. Her nose is so tiny and and her face is so flat, she’s a persian cat. is there anything I can or should be doing to help her breath and keep her face clean?
    Thank you

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