Feeding Fresh Food Will Help Your Animal Companion–Recipe 3

It’s All About Energy

Dozer is ready for anything...

Dozer is ready for anything…

Giving our animal companions the longest and best lives possible. Isn’t that our ultimate goal when caring for them holistically and homeopathically? You can start now. It’s easy!

Develop vitality and healing ability by feeding fresh food.

All living beings have the ability to heal. Often beyond our expectations. Just a few years ago it was believed that when some vital organs were damaged that it was all over. We’re just now uncovering the ability of organs like the brain and heart to regenerate.

The earth is no longer flat.

The molecular steps in the healing process require energy. Fresh food, sunshine, exercise and mental stimulation help provide it.

Health is maintained by a state of dynamic equilibrium. Dis-ease is a state of energetic imbalance. It is the doctor’s job to both promote this energy and to rally it when needed. Lifestyle improvements, usually including diet, and homeopathic treatment will do so when healing is needed.

The energetic basis of life and the importance of balance have been virtually ignored by our modern quasi-scientific medicine. Chronic dis-eases are increasing as a result.

We Need To “Rock the Boat”

In the US, health care has become equivalent to dis-ease treatment. We have not been emphasizing the critical importance of wellness care. This is especially true in our diets and what we feed our animal companions. Eating highly processed and de-vitalized foods are a big part of the problem.

Dead dry dog food

Dead dry dog food

Nutritional therapy is a cornerstone of the oldest and most successful medical systems throughout the world. The goal in all of them is to optimize energetic balance. Varied fresh food diets play an important role. Good food promotes health and long life in many ways for all living beings.

We (in the US) have come full circle and are finally re-discovering and embracing this ancient wisdom. We’re eating better, exercising more and trying to reduce stress in our lives. More and more of us are becoming medically proactive. Our animal companions are also reaping the benefits.

Just moments ago I received this email from a member of our growing community:

“I am interested in consulting about preventative health choices for our 10 week old golden retriever. To provide guidance for the decisions I’m facing right now as she’s a pup to help design her preventative care plan? (vaccinations, diet, homeopathic preventative care…?)”

Wow, how fantastic! This is exactly the mindset that we need more of and which enables the best possible care.

Personalized proactive prevention has become the holy grail in medicine. Sure, it can be hard to find. Luckily though, more and more doctors are changing the way they think. Some of use are even focusing on promoting energetic balance in our patients.

Fresh Food Is Alive

Unlike de-vitalized processed commercial food, fresh food contains the vitality that facilitates balanced wellness and healing. Fresh food feeding is one of the most effective and easiest ways to help our animal companions be as healthy as possible. That’s where these recipes can be most useful.

I’ve been asked repeatedly whether creating and sending these recipes is in the best interest of our animals? My answer is absolutely!

Most commonly the question is posed by someone who already feeds meat-based raw food. I applaud those enlightened community members.

However, many animal guardians only see the two ends of the spectrum. They choose to not feed raw but believe that commercial processed foods are the only other option. This is not the case.

Introducing any fresh food into a processed food diet can quickly improve the health of your animal companion.

Which one will your dog choose?

Which one will your dog choose?

These slow cooker recipes are designed to help the transition from a strictly commercial food diet. They are easy and affordable to prepare. Every little bit helps. Best of all, fresh food recipe feeders commonly eventually transition to the raw and varied diet.

A Word About Grains

Today’s recipe introduces this new category of foods to the meat, fruit and vegetable mixes that have been used so far. This particular grain is considered a “superfood” in the human medical world. Yet for various reasons all grains are now considered to be harmful to our companion animals. But are they really?

Not according to many observations and research studies. Are there certain grains, especially gluten-containing wheat and genetically modified corn or other glyphosate-treated crops that should not be fed (or eaten by us)? Absolutely!!

However, there are also some individuals that clinically benefit from addition of high-quality, well-cooked grains in the diet.

Quinoa specifically was used this week because of its’ fantastic nutritional value. It is gluten-free and higher in protein, fiber, iron and potassium than other grains. It contains all of the essential amino acids. Most dogs and cats seem to digest and absorb it well.

Without further adieu, here’s this week’s easy 4 ingredient recipe:

2 pounds of grass fed beef cut into chunks from our local butcher (Craft Butchery in Westport, CT)

1 lb. Trader Joe’s (TJ’s) frozen organic green beans

1 lb. TJ’s organic sliced rainbow carrots

1 cup TJ’s organic Tricolor Quinoa

Add all of the ingredients to your Crock-Pot (you can grab one here). Cover with 4 cups of filtered or bottled spring water.

Depending on the consistency and amount of “gravy” desired, you may need to add up to 1-2 cups of additional water during cooking. The quinoa soaks up a lot of liquid.

This week's yummy mix!

This week’s yummy mix!

You can feed this delicious stew by itself or mixed with other fresh foods. Remember, balance is achieved by variety.

You can feed one meal mixed with ZiwiPeak air-dried, another with Honest Kitchen, Dr. Harvey’s Oracle Tripe or Cornucopia canned in another, etc

Maybe one day even raw meats!

total cost=$8.45

Bone appetit.

PS-In case you missed the Fresh Food Feeding Toolkit which contains other resources, you can download it for free from here.

Dr. Jeff

  1. Thank you DrJeff. After one of my dogs was diagnosed with MCT, I started transitioning to raw usi g your recipes. They love it, have more energy, and look better. Is quinoa OK for MCT? Also looking into your cannabis oil for her.z

    • Great news Amy!

      It’s best to get her onto a pure meat raw diet sooner than later. The fewer the carbohydrates (whether vegetable or grain) the better.

      Yes, Hemp Rx could be useful both orally as well as topically.

      Good luck!

      Dr. Jeff

  2. Thank you. Hemp topically- straight or mixed with carrier?

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