How to Help Your Pets Holistically

  1. What’s the best way to treat our pets?
  2. How can we prevent them from suffering and treat them when they fall ill?
  3. Should we work against the natural healing mechanisms of the body, or with them?

Osra had severe itchy allergic dermatitis (skin dis-ease). She did have the usual “ANTIS” during treatment yet has improved in every way.

Nature provides the key in my opinion. Through observation and scientific inquiry many effective mechanisms to promote healing have been discovered.

Some would disagree and consider open-minded physicians and vets who use “alternative” methods of treatment to be delusional and knowingly deceptive charlatans. The word “quack” was coined for these snake oil salesmen (some of whom were MDs!).

As a veterinary scientist, I have learned to accept this perception from some pet owners and other vets. My main treatment method is veterinary homeopathy. I treat something which doesn’t exist. Internal energetic balance. Homeopathy treats the internal balance of energy that allows all physiologic processes to function properly.

The problem starts because this “energy” doesn’t exist in modern medicine. Well, it exists only in certain parts of the body where it can be measured like the heart and brain (where EKG and EEG are used routinely to measure energetic conduction within these organs).

Homeopathy, at its core, is a vitalistic form of medicine.

Vital as in the vital force. Otherwise known as the life force. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) this is known as Chi. It is Prana in ayurvedic medicine. TCM and Ayurveda (“the science of life”) are the oldest forms of scientific healthcare. They still are actively practiced and are used to treat most people in the world.

Today’s medical model is mechanistic. Modern medicine became dominant when the drug companies and AMA decided that vitalism was not scientific. Click here for a brief history. You can also read the excellent “Divided Legacy” history of medicine by Harris Coulter.

Vitalism explains the underlying difference between the living and dead. Mechanism can only explain secondary physiologic processes. Vitalists such as homeopaths look at the whole picture because all parts are connected by the vital force. Homeopathy is holistic (“whole-istic”).

Mechanistic medicine looks at living organisms like machines. Mechanistic modern medicine reduces the body into parts. Machine parts wear out and break down. They need to be fixed and replaced. Parts are often not inter-related or connected in any defined way. The parts of the body have historically been seen as separate and unequal by modern medicine. This is changing to some degree in many fields such as the fascinating study of neuro-immunology.

Modern medicine is getting better and better at defining the molecular mechanisms that govern these processes. When I worked in Univ. of Penn. medical school molecular biology lab over thirty years ago, the tools to do this were just being developed. These  tools have enabled many scientific (physiologically measurable) advancements. Nowadays they are commonly used to measure and define pretty much all species and biological systems. I plan to discuss some of these cool tools and advancements in future posts.

Here’s one of the big problems with this approach. Mechanistic (reductionistic) medical knowledge can not explain why one being is alive and another is dead.

Of course it can you say. Nope. Modern scientific medicine can describe, in minute detail, the physiologic processes that mal-functioned causing death. but has absolutely no clue that a problem was brewing in some cases. Young and ostensibly healthy people and pets die suddenly. But why?

That’s right. Modern medicine is absolutely amazing at measuring and manipulating physiologic changes in the body but can not explain why these changes occur. Medicine based on energetics has a simple answer. Energetic “fuel” is present when you are alive and absent when you are dead.

During my internship I heard a germane comment from one of the staff vets. It was referring to a young pup who died unexpectedly overnight at home. The pup had just been given a clean bill of health. I overheard the resident being told that she hadn’t run enough tests! I guess health=insufficient diagnostic testing. Forget about any underlying energetic cause that doesn’t exist.

There are indeed many invaluable virtues of diagnostic testing which I will discuss in future blog articles. Sometimes every test in the world is normal yet your pet is still sick. This scenario is often an early warning sign of energetic imbalance.This energetic imbalance sometimes can not be measured by conventional tests.. Yet it exists. And it can be perceived.

I will write further about this here, but if you jump over to my short article  you can get a better idea of what I mean by early warning signs.

Let nature and the healing wisdom of the body work fully. Work with the body. Try to avoid opposing it with antis like anti-biotics, anti-inflammatories, etc and let the long term results speak for themselves.

I look forward to hearing your comments. Let’s continue the discussion on my free online forum.

Be well. Stay balanced.

Dr. Jeff

  1. I like seeing the information you post. I find it very helpful in caring for my dogs. If you’ve done this before sorry I must have missed it but I’d like to see what you think should be in every owner’s medicine cabinet for the dogs in terms of homeopathics, (ie, Arnica.)

  2. I really enjoy your blogs as well as articles. Keep it up. I would like to see something about the horrendous bordetella vaccine that vets are pushing. I ask my customers at the kennel I run to NOT get it but they are pushed by their vet or not ever explained the ramifications of it. Thanks

    • Hi Judy. I’ll try to keep blogging (for now). We’ll see how it goes and if I can really make a difference this way.

      Great point about bordetella (or any) vaccine. Actually, intranasal vaccinations tend to be less disruptive to the vital force than those given by injection. **However** most of us (vet homeopaths and pet owners) have seen pets irreparably damaged by this and other vaccines.

      The simple answer (to me at least) is to not vaccinate (except perhaps in epidemics though published statistics show that homeopathy is still more effective) and only give only the rabies jab as required by law. Hopefully the rabies challenge fund will help change the legal requirements.

      Be well.

      Dr. Jeff

    • Also, here’s a link to a great article about the bordetella vaccine:

      Dr. Jeff

  3. Thanks Katherine. That’s a great idea. I’ll definitely include that topic in an upcoming post. We’ll also talk about this topic during one of my forthcoming webinars. I also hope to make a few short videos on monitoring your pet, doing simple exams, etc.

    Have a lovely evening.

    Dr. Jeff

  4. Dr. Jeff,
    We love your posts! We have 3 vaccine free raw fed gsds who are from raw fed parents (who had puppy shots and one rabies)and we appreciate all your information regarding natural solutions and not over vaccinating (even though we are now no vax).

    Please keep up the information and blogs! People need to know!

    Tina Berry

  5. Dr. Jeff,

    I always like reading your thoughts. You have taught me so much over the years.

    I do agree that you are probably preaching to the choir. For those we really ought to reach, you may need to be a little less technical and less wordy.

    I know it is important for people to understand the rationale and philosophy, but those who are new to these concepts want to hear about how it has worked. Since they probably don’t even explore the idea until until their pets are sick, they want the “success stories”.


  6. I’ll absolutely keep that in mind Taffy. These initial posts are mainly laying the groundwork for the more patient-oriented cases to come…

    Dr. Jeff

  7. Dr. Jeff,

    I always learn a lot from you whether through our phone appointments, your website and now your blog. You have been very patient with me the past 6 years. I try to pass on what I learn to others. I find it frustrating when they won’t consider alternative approaches especially when traditional treatment is not working. Some have made the change but I wish more people would before their dogs are so sick.

    I believe one obstacle is people don’t understand how you can treat their pet without examining them. I know I doubted that when I knew Kedron needed a different approach years ago. I decided to make the 6 hour drive because I wanted you to see her. Now I understand that you can treat via phone and sending photos or videos as needed.

    I am fortunate to have a local allopathic vet who respects and supports my decisions to follow your treatment rather than traditional medicine. He believes in what you do but readily admits he doesn’t understand it. So, you have taught him as well! I know he has given your name and website to other clients.

    Thanks for all you do!

  8. I *love* your blog…always informative, good science explained well and even tho I’m already a “believer”, your words give me ideas to share with any sprouts that cross my path. But I don’t get to come here often enough; can barely keep up with emails and occasionally take a quick peek at FB. I hope you can keep it going and I’ll make it my Sunday morning treat (the NYTimes was never really my thing).
    And/but remember, this from the girl who reads Kent’s Lectures on Homeopathic Philosophy at bedtime :/.

  9. Dr. Jeff, yes, please keep blogging if you can. So many of we pet owners cannot find a holistic vet near us so we rely on what we find on the internet.

    Thank You

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