Holistic and Homeopathic Vet Care Education in 2014

Continual Education

Flying high! That’s where I am and how I feel. 36,000 feet above the earth and very grateful to be here.

Two incredible learning experiences. Both the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy and American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association meetings. Together for the first time.

It’s been a long and difficult 19 days since my ER visit and injuries. I have a new perspective on the fragility of health and value being well even more than ever. What better way to celebrate it than at this unique gathering of veterinary healers.

Ulcers and Arthritis in Animals

Awesome topics in both of these meetings. Tomorrow starts out with homeopathic management of arthritis and the ulcers that sometimes result from drug therapy. Optimal treatment of patients with both joint and intestinal problems is critical to their length and quality of life.

These difficult problems are most commonly seen in middle-aged and older pets that have loving families. The sad reality though is that many are not so fortunate since they are homeless. But they deserve quality holistic vet care as well. Recently rescued pets usually come to the vet without much (if any) history. What about them?

Helping the Recently Rescued Pet and the One With Few Symptoms

There will be two talks addressing this problem. The first looks directly at the lack of rescue pet history. The second approaches the missing pieces more generally. What’s a good way for vet homeopaths and other holistic vets to help any patient who has few perceptible signs and symptoms?

Then there’s another huge problem that two talks will address. Removing the obstacles that prevent restoration of health. These may be common lifestyle problems like inadequate diets, symptom suppression, etc. Almost as commonly though, the problem is much more subtle.

What really needs to be treated? Last week I gave the example of the pet with improvement of his skin problem who then developed decreased energy and appetite. Why is this not optimal treatment? Is there one approach that will help us heal the dis-ease on every level?

Treating Acute Problems in Our Animal Companions

Another hot topic to be addressed is the homeopathic treatment of acute problems. Things like injuries, vomiting, diarrhea. What can be done before you go to the ER? When are medications like Arnica, Arsenicum, Nux vomica, etc. really indicated? And beyond.

Low blood counts from red cell destruction within the body is another fascinating case series that will be presented. This problem is so important both because it endangers life, but also because of the direct association between hemolytic anemia and vaccination.

Homeopathic Treatment of Patients With Cancer

One final talk that I want to mention is the homeopathic approach to the patient with cancer. The science of homeopathy is applicable to all of these patients. Unfortunately though it is not appropriate for some guardians. Why not? How is this decision made? Then what?

I am really looking forward to expanding my own thoughts on all of these exciting topics.

After the meetings my plan is to post highlights from some of these wonderful talks. I’d love to get your input below, on Facebook, by email etc about which ones you’d like to learn more about.

Stay well.

Dr. Jeff

  1. Enjoy! It sounds exciting and will equip you with new tools for your “healing kit”.

  2. Thanks! Just now finishing up one of the “obstacles” to optimal health.

    One of the worst obstacles=”improper medical treatments (usually prolonged, strong and high dose drug treatment).”–Nicola Henriques


    Dr. Jeff

  3. Can’t wait to read about all of these topics when you return! These sound like really great topics.

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