Holistic Vet Homeopathy Helps Heal Osra’s Skin & Fears

a rescue dog is helped holistically and finds a home

Osra was a mess.

Emaciated, covered with fleas, full of worms and virtually hairless.

She seemed terrified but was also lunging at the caring people who had come to rescue her. A pole used to capture and transport rabid animals had to be used to get her out of the house.

Saved From a Pet Hoarder

Osra was living in Georgia along with dozens of other horribly neglected dogs and cats. The owner of the house was mentally ill. She was what is known as a pet hoarder and thought that she was doing right by the pets.

Osra received some preliminary vet care and was diagnosed with demodectic mange and malnutrition. She was deemed not adoptable.On the wings, Osra

Lucky for her, in September of 2012 she was identified online by the great folks at On The Wings of Angels Rescue in Florida.

When she and four other pups saved from the same home arrived in Odessa (Florida) she was petrified, coughing, sneezing, and discharging green mucus. She had so much eye goop (that’s the technical term BTW) that she couldn’t see well. In May 2013 I began to treat her homeopathically. No drugs were needed.

Life for Osra at On The Wings Of Angels Rescue 

By that time she had gained some much needed weight but was still having multiple problems. Worst of all were her fears. She was always suspiciously looking around as if something was about to happen to her. She had even started skipping meals. She was also very distrustful of people again so giving her anything in her mouth was traumatic.

No problem! Homeopathic medicines are absorbed rapidly by the mucous membranes (such as those in the nose). The homeopathic medicine was held by her nose until she sniffed at it. It quickly helped her mental state. She began eating normally again by the day after her first treatment.

To help Osra continue on the path to getting well and finding a forever home she had three more consultations in June alone. By August she seemed much happier but had started showing some aggression to other dogs as well as an increasing fear of thunder.

Despite these apparent new problems, she had become less timid, more social, and was developing pimple-type eruptions on one knee and the ear on the same side of her body. Skin symptoms, benign eruptions, discharges, etc. are often a good sign that the internal imbalance is coming out (sometimes called “detox”).

Progress & A New Home!

Osra had a number of telephone consultations with me until I next got to examine her over the winter. She looked and acted like a different dog. She had overcome most of her phobias and was no longer a trembling mess during thunderstorms.

She still had a few minor problems though. Since it’s important to continue treatment as long as anything is out of balance, we continued occasional treatment until early Spring.

As an early summer treat I received this report on 6/25: “She looks fantastic. Good weight, skin (only one small scab on her front right foot the size of a nickel), coat, eyes, mood, energy, everything, looks great.

The best news is that now Marina is looking to adopt her and give her a loving forever home.happy Osra

A happy ending! I absolutely adore my work with the dogs in need in Odessa.


  1. Inspirational! Stories like these bring hope that even the most serious physical or behavioral issues can be corrected without drastic & often harmful measures! I rejoice that my dog can be treated through homeopathy!

  2. Yes, Dr. Jeff,

    This entry was way more reader friendly and inspirational. Thanks for listening to our feedback and sharing your successes.


  3. Thanks Taffy. I hope to mix it up with the article types. Suggestions are always welcome.

    Dr. Jeff

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