Homeopathic Treatment of a Dog With Kidney Failure

Wow! Another fantastic weekend working with the rescue dogs at On The Wings of Angels Rescue in Florida. It’s very gratifying to watch previously un-adoptable dogs have their health and behavior improve. Proper training and whole-istic care makes all of the difference in the world.

Their rescues are treated and trained with the respect that they deserve. Every therapeutic option is available to them.The lucky dogs that live in Odessa reap the benefits of the best of both worlds. Ten Speed is one of these dogs.

Ten Speed’s Story

Ten Speed With Kidney Failure

Ten Speed Is a Happy Pup Despite Kidney Failure

Ten Speed is a lovely and happy young setter mix despite having a very hard early life.

He was rescued from an animal shelter who was about to euthanize him because he tried to bite the shelter employees. Ten Speed had recently been removed from the neglectful home of a hoarder (similar to Osra).

Ten Speed had unfortunately learned to respond to the stresses of his life by biting and was about to be killed because of it.

He was saved from death row and moved to his new home in Odessa 7/11/2012. This proved to be a lucky day for him. He was given his own space and time to acclimate to his new surroundings. Once settled in he began training.

In January 2014 he was vomiting, not eating well and starting to lose weight. Blood and urine tests at a nearby specialty hospital showed early kidney failure. An ultrasound of his abdomen revealed a cyst in one kidney whereas the other was so small it barely could be found.

Conventional Diagnosis and Treatment of Kidney Failure

Blood and urine test results are critical in the diagnosis of kidney disease. In more advanced cases, abnormalities are clear. However test results may be in the normal range in earlier stages.

Clues to early kidney disease include concentration and minute amounts of protein in the urine. Astute clinicians also look for “creatinine creep” and other subtle changes over time.

Standard treatment of mild kidney problems is a low protein diet, fluids under the skin (subcutaneous fluids) and often anti-biotics. Ten Speed was given the fluids but not the prescription diet or antibiotics. There is little and no evidence that low protein diet or antibiotics are indicated for most early kidney problems.

Anti-biotics can sometimes do more harm than good.

After a homeopathic medicine and despite withholding the drugs, in a few days Ten Speed was doing fine. All seemed ok so he resumed his training.

Hopefully some day he would be placed in a forever home.

The only other treatment that Ten Speed needed then was optimizing his diet by switching to fresh food feeding. He loved it! Unfortunately everything was about to change.

Ten Speed’s Decline

In late Spring and early Summer in Florida Ten Speed began drinking gallons of water. I was treating him by that time and requested that the blood and urine tests get repeated. Unfortunately the news was very bad. He was in severe kidney failure. His test results were so bad that he was expected to only live for 2 months at most.

Medicine was chosen homeopathically based on a detailed review of his problems and test results. Within a few days his vomiting stopped, but his appetite did not improve.

Ten Speed’s guardians wanted to help him in every way possible. He was therefore started on daily subcutaneous fluids and nutritional supplementation in addition to the homeopathic medicine.

General nutritional supplementation is often useful in many pets with kidney failure.

Homeopathic medicines may be different for every individual with the same dis-ease.

To help decrease the poisons that were entering his body from his malfunctioning kidneys, Ten Speed was started on RenAvast. It uses special pro-biotics and other natural ingredients to support kidney function. RenAvast has been proven clinically to work and is available both for dogs and cats.

There are many other vitamins, minerals and herbals that help support healing in pets with kidney failure. Since many pf them have a poor appetite it’s often best to avoid giving too many pills. Infrequent administration is another advantage of homeopathic treatment.

The great company Rx Vitamins for Pets has helped by formulating a combination vitamin/mineral/herbal called Rx Renal which Ten Speed also started. It is also available both for dogs and cats.

The homeopathic and supportive regimen helped stabilize Ten Speed. He started to eat and act normal again.

Never underestimate the extraordinary abiIity of the body to heal.

Despite his decline from severe kidney problems, Ten Speed was able to bounce back.

The Return of the Happy Ten Speed

The Return of the Happy Ten Speed

Close monitoring and frequent followup evaluations helped fine-tune Ten Speed’s daily regimen. Based on changes in his symptoms, the homeopathic medicine was modified as needed.

July 18, 2014, he again stopped eating. Even worse, were episodes of what seemed to be acute pains and weird behavior.


Bouncing Back

Emergency consultation indicated a change in his homeopathic medicine. Ten Speed’s guardians knew not to panic. They had seen before that a change of the homeopathic medicine often brings rapid and dramatic improvement. Within 3 days the episodes had stopped altogether. In fact, now he seemed even better than ever.

It is too soon to tell how much healing the new homeopathic medicine will facilitate. Ten Speed is having recheck blood and urine tests 8/11/14. One thing for certain is that he is again a very happy boy despot his dire diagnosis and expected imminent demise.

I was thrilled to see an outwardly normal dog during my visit this weekend to the wonderful rescue group in Odessa. Ten Speed was back to eating everything offered and was once again active and “mischievous”. He even seemed to be enjoying receiving his fluids.

I look forward to many more months (hopefully years) of helping Ten Speed have a great life. My goal is to do more than keep him stable. As with other patients with kidney failure (like Bailey who will be a future kidney failure post) sometimes the body can heal beyond expectations.

I’d love anyone that reads this to share their own story either in the comments below, on Facebook or in my forum at HomeVet.com.

Be well. Let’s keep your pets balanced.

Dr. Jeff

  1. I’m copying what I wrote on your Facebook wall.

    My Queni can tell otherwise too! She’s a 15 year old boxer mix. We found her as a stray in 2005. She’s deaf and we think she’s the sweetest thing in the world. Back in April we found that her creatinine levels were raising. I started her on a prescription diet (vet’s suggestion) because I was travelling and couldn’t offer anything else. Well, to make a long story short, in 6 weeks the creatinine was already on 2.8. Middle of May I started her with some supplementation and homeopathy. By end of May creatinine was 2.4. In June I started her with a home made diet. Right now her creatinine is 2.1. As you point out in your article, the homeopathy treatment is tailored for her so when the vet asks me “what kidney remedy are you using?”, I tell him that we are trying to achieve balance. She’s got other ailments (severe spondylosis and chronic digestive issues) but the more I work on her diet, the more I’m able to pinpoint the foods that do not agree with her. It’s a real commitment, fortunately I have the time to look after her (I study from home) but I can see that her quality of life is pretty good for an old girlie. Thanks for the story of Ten Speed. Makes me feel confident in what we’re doing!

    • My 14 year old shih poo just diagnosed with stage 1 renal failure..they want to put him on low protein kibble….
      What is your home made dog food solution?
      Thank you

  2. Thanks for sharing your experiences Alex. I’m sure that many others have the same experience.

    I’m happy to hear that my posts boost your confidence in helping Queni achieve energetic balance.

    Have a great evening.

    Dr. Jeff

  3. More great evidence that homeopathy works. Bless you for your work at the rescue and for your care of Ten Speed!

    • Thanks Taffy. I hope to add even more clinical evidence. I’m currently writing up Diesel’s story and case. Hopefully for tomorrow.

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  6. Do you have any video of that? I’d love to find out some additional information.

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