Homeopathic Treatment Is Effective In Pets With Training And Behavioral Problems

Barry The Over Exuberant Dog

Barry had a “greeting disorder”. A new person would come to the door, and he’d go crazy. Jumping, spanning, screaming, etc. Greeting people at the door with a bit of a nightmare for Joan.

Dr. Jeff Feinman is a certified vet homeopath in Weston CT trained at the prestigious University of Pennysylvania

Many dogs have greeting disorders. They can be difficult to treat using training methods alone .

Barry had been to puppy school, but had not done much formal training beyond that. A trainer was hired who was confident that Barry could be helped. Unfortunately, after 10 lessons, Barry was almost as bad as he had been three months earlier.

Her vet was recommending medications to help calm Barry. Joan had heard about how homeopathy helped a friends dog with a behavior problem. She was eager to avoid medicating her young dog and homeopathy would allow her to do so.

The veterinary homeopath evaluated Barry and prescribed a homeopathic medicine. A few weeks later, the trainer came over for another lesson. This time however, he found Barry to be calmer and starting to integrate what he had learned in his past lessons.

Sophia Poops and Pees Wherever She Wants

Sophia had urinary symptoms off and on throughout her life. Antibiotics usually do the trick for her whenever she had her problem with frequent urination outside of the litter box. This time however, they weren’t working.

In fact, while taking the anti-biotics she’s started spraying on the wall and pooping all over the place in addition to urinating on the floor. Her urinalysis showed an elevated white blood count which is why the vet thought that she had an infection.

Dr. Jeff Feinman is a certified vet homeopath who uses holistic treatments to help behavioral problems.

A good choice for the kitty who eliminates outside of the litter box (from toilettrainedcat.com)

Sophia was eating a good diet and was mentally and physically engaged in her home. She was an only cat and didn’t have too much stress. All of her blood test were normal. Like Barry, Sophia’s vet was also about to start medications for this behavioral problem.

A vet homeopath was consulted and six weeks later Sophia no longer pooped outside of the box. She had no further urinary symptoms. Unexpected benefits of treatment included no longer over grooming herself, hiding, or drinking frequent amounts of water.

Betty Is Aggressive With New People

Even some dog trainers wouldn’t go near Betty. Whenever Betty saw a new person, she would jump crazily and nip at their thighs. She had already torn pants legs of a few unsuspecting people.

All of Betty’s training and agility work did not help this behavior. A veterinary behavior specialist was consulted. After the initial evaluation, she started Betty on a psychotropic drug. Unfortunately after six weeks there had been minimal change in Betty’s behavior. A new drug was started.

Three other drugs and behavior modification programs were used unsuccessfully to treat Betty over the next six months. Out of desperation, Betty’s guardian consulted a veterinary homeopath.

Immediate changes were seen in Betty’s behavior. She was calmer overall. She was able to go on a walk without constantly looking around. A few weeks

Certified veterinary homeopath Dr. Jeff Feinman in Weston CT treats his patients by holistically examining all lifestyle factors to reduce behavior problems

Cool, calm and collected and ready for the holidays!

later, she could even calmly greet new people she met during her walks.

Harry the Golden Goes Crazy When Left Alone

Pam was on her way to buy a new dog crate. Harry had just broken another one. His separation anxiety had gotten so bad, that she could only leave him alone for under 10 minutes at a time. If Harry were not crated, he would destroy anything in the house that he could find.

Harry’s vet advised a medication that in some cases could help out of control dogs with separation anxiety, like Harry. By modifying his brain chemistry it could quell the anxiety. Efficacy of the various drugs that are used vary widely. Each one has its’ own side effects as well.

Pam’s dog trainer friend recommended that she first try a milder, more natural approach. Harry improved partially when taking the natural calming supplements Harmonease and Zylkene. Pam could even now leave Harry alone long enough (20 minutes) to run to the nearby post office.

However, it was not until six weeks after Harry’s first visit to the veterinary homeopath, he was able to stay at home calmly for up to 2 hours.

Choose Homeopathic Treatment For Your Pets With Behavior Problems. Before Drugs.

Every animal behavior problem is best treated holistically. It is first important to rule out medical problems and optimize lifestyle.

Feed a species-appropriate diet in proper amounts, avoid symptom suppression and provide proper mental and physical stimulation.

When behavior problems persist no matter what you do, veterinary homeopathy can often help.

Barry, Sophia, Harry and Betty are composite examples of many similar patients with behavior problems. Veterinary homeopaths are often called on to help when training and medications have failed. Many if not most behavioral problems can be resolved with homeopathy.

If your pet has a difficult behavior problem, and you are willing to dedicate about six months to veterinary homeopathic treatment, try it out for yourself. You can easily find a vet homeopath here.

Start early to help our companion animals lead more balanced and happier lives. You can get my housebreaking and introduction to training report here.

Be well.

Dr. Jeff

  1. Dr. Jeff treated my skittish sensitive pup ten years ago. She was very aware of anything new or different. She was afraid of grocery bags, a pile of sheets, garbage cans at the end of the driveway and the first daffodil in the spring. At the time, I had a purple jacket and when I hung it on the back of a chair, she barked. Dr. Jeff told me to get a different colored jacket. Maybe she was trying to tell me to hang it in the closet.

    Anyway, she improved greatly being treated homeopathic-ally. Today, she is a loving and confident therapy dog who willingly ventures into many new situations.

  2. Thanks for your comment Taffy.

    Yes, homeopathic treatment can really make a big difference in quality of life.

    Happy holidays!

    Dr. Jeff

  3. Dr. Jeff, you sound like a very good homeopathic vet. What an incredibly satisfying job you have! It is wonderful to do so much good. My cat also has homeopathic medicine and is now 17 years old and as lively and skittish as ever! People think she looks about 5 years! Homeopathy is amazing, very often truly miraculous!

  4. Time to call you for my Pit-certain dogs set her off but she loves her Keegan who you take care of.

  5. Such a great read. Thank you for sharing this. So glad to hear of the wonderful progress these pets have made, through the use of homeopathic treatment!

  6. Thanks Paulina!

    It was a pleasure speaking with you.

    I look forward to many years of healthful energetic balance for Bijou.

    Dr. Jeff

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