How we can stop choosing for our pets to be sick.

We allow our pets to be sick.

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Bernese Mountain Dog puppies hoping for healthy lives

Yes, we really do.

Without knowing it, we let them suffer with chronic problems, which are often painful and debilitating. How could that be?

This blog, my practice and my life are dedicated to how you (and I) can prevent that happening to your beloved companion(s).

Let me make one thing clear from the start. This blog is not about promoting any particular treatment method or another. It’s about helping sick animals and, even better, helping healthy animals before they fall ill. One of my favorite quotes written by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann is “My duties lie in pointing out the greatest of physical assets, health, people hardly ever take the trouble to go in quest of it, and hardly ever value it until they have lost it.”

As a practicing vet with a presence on the web, many pet owners from all over the world contact me for help with their sick animals. Some pet owners and their vets call me directly, while others just email or post a message on my forum or on social media.

A few months back I had a new client inquiry that came in via an electronic form, which got delayed. Usually I discuss diagnostic testing, treatment options, my practice, with anyone enquiring before starting to work with a new client.

When I did finally call, the woman said that she had just put her dog to sleep. Very sad, but as a vet, I know it’s not that unusual. What was really upsetting however was that the dog was just six years old.

He had been ailing and losing weight for a few months, but before that was enjoying a normal life. Had he been wasting away from some debilitating dis-ease (more in my next post as to why I write it this way) like cancer, some serious autoimmune problem, etc? Nope. This poor pup had diarrhea. That’s it. Simple diarrhea.

This worried pup mom had seen veterinarians and specialists, in total, SIX different vets. This happens – there are cases where problems can be untreatable. However, and here’s the rub, not one of these vets had advised pursuing any option different than what had already been advised.

Treatments like different commercial diets, steroids, antibiotics, enzymes, etc, had all been tried. Unsuccesfully. Not one vet had even mentioned anything outside of the conventional toolbox. The trusting and thoughtful owner thus figured that everything possible had been tried.

When I heard this sad story, I was furious. Not with the vets or pet owner. With myself. I had obviously been failing miserably at the mission I set myself in 1996 trying to help pet owners educate themselves (and their vets) about other treatment methods.

Even in today’s society, only a small % of individuals investigate the best ways to raise and treat their pets. These are the people you see doing training classes with their dogs, competing in agility and other sports, working in therapeutic setting like nursing homes and hospitals, etc. (Cat and small animal owners, you too can do some of these, BTW!) The vast majority of pet owners do NOT look any farther than the advise of their vet or specialist.

That’s why so many animals are suffering – because their owners, their vets and the professional generally have not yet got the mindset to look for alternative solutions if the established, well-trodden drug-based methods are not working. I’m not saying ditch conventional vet medicine – far from it, I practice it myself all the time. I’m saying that for some dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, and other companion animals, there may be other, more suitable ways.

So, I’ve made it my mission to help people discover more, by helping my clients, setting up online communities, forums and a website to help you help your pet companions lead happier, healthier lives. This blog is just the latest initiative.

And I won’t pull my punches. I’ll be writing about topics that interest, infuriate or frustrate me, and I’d love your feedback. Your comments will help motivate me and raise new topics for future posts. Just don’t expect a blog every day – there’s just me and I’ve got a busy holistic vet practice to run here in Connetticut, but together, I am convinced we can make a difference.

Most importantly, be well and do your best to help those beloved fur babies.

Dr. Jeff

  1. Wow….so sad for that dog and so horribly awful that other methods are so poo-poo’d on by traditional vets. Looking forward to more from you Dr. Jeff.


    • I agree 100% Tracy. It’s very, very sad and is a great example why it’s so important to educate yourself about medical and veterinary options.

      BTW-“Poo-Poo”? How perfect for this case!! I’ll have to remember your comment.

  2. This story breaks my heart. We were in that situation – had a very very healthy young dog who had diarrhea for seven months. And you have helped us turn things around for him. There are other ways – and you’ve helped us find them. Thank you, Dr. Jeff.

    • Thanks Linda. Heartbreaking for sure. Needless to say, I was very upset and still use this situation to help motivate my educational efforts.

      Have a great evening.

      Dr. Jeff

  3. Excellent blog, Dr. Jeff! I’ve shared it on Facebook and look forward to reading more from you.

    • Thanks Stephanie. Social sharing may be one of the best tools I’ve ever found for disseminating this info so I really appreciate it.

      Dr. Jeff

  4. I am always interested in whatever you have to say. Conventional medicine leaves a lot to be desired. Where the cure is often worse than what ails you. I will be looking for your blog posts.

  5. Thanks Kim.

    I hope that all is well.

    Dr. Jeff

  6. Such a sad story. Thank you for all you do for us and our pets! I always enjoy your fb posts!

  7. Thanks so much Joan.

    Dr. Jeff

  8. I look forward to following your new blog. I hope you can help others understand the importance of preventing health issues rather than waiting to seek alternatives, like homeopathy, after an animal is sick.

    • Thanks Taffy. This is one of my biggest challenges. I’d love any input from you or others about what more I can do.

      One of my future blogs will be dedicated to these ideas (about helping to “spread the word”).

      Dr. Jeff

  9. I believe that domesticated dogs (pets in general) are faced with the challenges of a lifestyle that is becoming too harsh for the species. We don’t feed them properly, we overload them with drugs and medications and we take away the life that is natural to them. That is why I want to be an active participant in my dogs’ well-being and not wait until disease is settled to do something about it. Life has to be health and health is in every aspect of living: from the food we eat, the air we breathe, our interactions with other species and our emotions.
    I will work everyday to have the tools and information to give my dogs a better life. I don’t want to repeat the same mistakes of the past. I know I’m going to have dogs as long as my body is able to handle them. I want companions that can live a long –and healthy- life! I look forward to your opinions and discussions.

  10. Exactly Alex! I couldn’t agree more and really appreciate your comment. Now the challenge. How do we get more people to think the way you do??

    Dr. Jeff

    • It’s spreading!! I forward every post you have on facebook! 🙂 Social media has helped that cause for sure.


  11. Thanks so much. I appreciate it.

    Dr. Jeff

  12. Congratulations on the new blog Jeff. This is a fabulous start. Helping people to help animals is truly what it is all about – and you are the best! I look forward to helping to spread the word.

    • Thanks Gail. I appreciate it. Let’s schedule a holistic and homeopathic care webinar designed for your community members of BrightHaven.

  13. My biggest concern is how much overvaccinating goes on. I really feel it causes a lot of sicknesses in dogs and cats. I have ticked a few people off with my views but I think pet owners need to read more and do more research on the damage of vaccinating regularly. What do you think Dr Jeff?

  14. I agree 150% Sue. It is very, very sad and unscientific (is that a word?) how much over-vaccination is out there.

    The good news is that some local vets are finally emphasizing annual (or better yet, semiannual) wellness visits rather than annual vaccine visits.

    In my opinion this is far better medicine and helps maintain and improve the level of health. Not lower it the way vaccinations often do. My next blog post (hopefully due out today) briefly discusses one of the many vaccine-related dis-eases.

    Sorry to bring out my soapbox but these issues (scientific medicine and vaccination) really get my goat.

    Have a great day. It’s a lovely anniversary day for me here in CT.

    Dr. Jeff

  15. Dear Dr. Jeff,
    You wrote an interesting article. I am also wondering why my colleages never sent a patiënt to me. My practice (in The Netherlands) is a homeopathic one, where I also advise the owners of my patiënts about feeding and taking care of there animals.
    Once there was a cat in my practice. The owner had found my practice herself. She was struggling with the cat having diarrhee for 6 months. Her (regular) vet had “done everything”. In 1 week the cats faeces were normal after I had given some homeopathic medicine.
    It’s great reading your blogs.
    Mariska Jansen
    Homeopathische dierenartsenpraktijk Eygelshoven

  16. Thanks so much for your comment Mariska.

    I’m very sorry to hear that vet med in the Netherlands is not more progressive. I would have hoped for just the opposite.

    I’m very glad though to hear about your success with your patients and that you are discussing all treatment options with your clients.

    Have a great weekend.


  17. What is so sad about the dog with diarrhea that was put to sleep is that there could have been a very easy treatment to at least start out with. In my reading on alternative treatments: Dr. Pitcairn, Anitra Frazier, and several other alternative method books, one of the first things they say to do is to stop feeding, give water with honey in it (preferably raw), so as to not get dehydrated and provide electrolytes, for a day or two and slowly reintroduce food like chicken broth to start. There are other suggestions in these books. I have used it on my cats with success and never had such a lingering problem of months, or days, of diarrhea. Stop feeding commercially processed foods with all the toxic additives.

    I just hope that one day soon people open up their minds to alternative and much healthier ways to raise their animals – organic raw food diet, no GMOs,homeopathy, herbs; and themselves: organic, raw vegs, no CAFO raised meats, no GMOs.

  18. Thanks for your comment Beth. Yes, simple dietary modifications can often make a huge difference. Whether the problem is diarrhea, allergies, organs and gland dysfunction, etc.

    My goal here, and in my practice, is to help more pet owners consider every treatment option to help their icing pets and prevent dis-eases in the first place.

    Have a great Sunday.

    Dr. Jeff

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  20. Bijou my little Chihuahua and I, are grateful to have you as our Homeopathic Vet. We enjoy reading your blog and the articles you post. This particular situation you experienced with the 6 year old pup is a sad one. Thank you for sharing this article with all of us, as it helps to teach us and keep us informed. I know from my own personal experience, using Homeopathic remedies to treat my condition has been a blessing. Conventional medicine wasn’t helping and I decided it was time to seek out a more natural and holistic approach to healing. Boy, did I get that one backwards! Had I only started using Homeopathy sooner, I would have avoided the physical predicament I was in! I know first hand how Homeopathy has helped me and I know it will do the same for Bijou, it already has. With that being said, I highly recommend Dr. Jeff and the wonderful world of Homeopathy to anyone looking to help their beloved pets!

  21. Thanks so much Paulina.

    I really appreciate it.

    Dr. Jeff

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