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Understanding Your Pet’s Signs and Symptoms

Understanding Your Pet's Signs and Symptoms

The message. “It’s a medical emergency”. This is what I hear from the bedroom while taking a shower this morning. Amy (my wife) awakened with a fat lip. Her lower lip was twice its usual size. The lip looked as if it just had fat injections. This sudden odd symptom

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Veterinary Homeopathy Can Help Pets With Heart Disease

Holistically-oriented pet lovers want to help our beloved companions by working with their bodies. Not against them with drugs. However, since we all want them to live the longest and best lives possible drug intervention can be life-saving when critical problems come on suddenly.

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Holistic Vet Homeopathy Helps Heal Osra’s Skin & Fears

Holistic Vet Homeopathy Helps Heal Osra's Skin & Fears

Osra was a mess. Emaciated, covered with fleas, full of worms and virtually hairless. She seemed terrified but was also lunging at the caring people who had come to rescue her. A pole used to capture and transport rabid animals had to be used to get her out of the house.

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